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Comprehensive analysis for solid financial decision-making

  • Retirement Calculations  -  "Will my money last? Can I retire, in comfort?"
  • Investment Management -  Conservative, effective, well diversified, in the                                                      client's best interests
  • Long Term Care  -            Preserve independence, save your assets.
  • Tax & Estate Planning  -  Beneficiary, titling considerations, and advice for living trusts, etc.

You will receive an understandable, custom, specific plan of action designed to assist you to achieve your financial goals. We strive to provide low risks, low costs and maximum returns. Your plan can integrate tax, estate, investment and all relevant considerations into a unified strategy that makes sense to you.


Retirement Planning - Will my money last?
Retirement Planning is a process to determine whether your assets and savings rate will meet your goal of financial independence and a comfortable retirement. We take into account all factors including taxes, inflation and social security. We will answer your question: "Am I on track for a secure and comfortable retirement, i.e. will my money last or what must I do today to better assure that it will". Together, we then determine appropriate strategies, investments, and corrective action. 

Investment Management - Institutional grade money managers
Our approach is based on state of the art academic research: Modern Portfolio Theory, a method designed to maximize return - on an after-tax basis - control and reduce risk. We custom match your portfolio(s) to your personal risk tolerance levels. Receive clear, consolidated tax reporting that will be easy to just hand to your accountant.

Tax Planning - Do you want to lower your income and capital gains taxes?
Strategies to legally reduce your income taxes. Analysis of deductions and credits, and conversion of income into tax-deferred or tax-free sources. There are numerous methods of investing which can defer or even avoid taxation, which would significantly accelerate your accumulation of wealth.

Estate Planning - A goal of reduction of taxes, succession plans
Reduction of taxes, clear, effective dispositive plans. Relatively simple techniques can save over $250,000 in federal estate taxes. Other strategies can avoid probate and administrative expenses, as well as providing for asset management in the event of disability.

Long Term Care Planning - Elder care issues
Planning for older age. Finance of the required care. What are your alternatives? When is nursing home or at-home insurance appropriate? Are spend down strategies appropriate? How to not leave the well spouse impoverished.

Insurance Planning (Risk Management) - Keep your costs down, don't over-buy
Do you need life Insurance in retirement? If so, what is the best kind? Will your insurance be free of estate taxation? Are you paying too much? Are you with a good company? We examine these issues and help you make the best decisions in this jungle.

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