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Prior enrollment is required before using each link. Please contact us and we will gladly set you up. 
- DST Vision - consolidated statement of accounts: https://www3.financialtrans.com/tf/Vision?tx=VisStartup&cz=6210818081413
- Your consolidated statements – lists almost all of your accounts: https://www.visinvestor.com/tf/VShare?brd=0011106
- TD Ameritrade – ETFs, Beacon stop-loss, & other accounts:  https://www.advisorclient.com/advisorclient/p/gridLogin
- Adviser Investments – Fidelity-Vanguard account: https://www.fidelity.com
- Gemmer – regular & socially responsible investing:  https://www.schwab.com/
- Morningstar portfolios – diversified managed accounts:  http://mis.morningstar.com