Retirement Projection

Thinking about retirement but but "don't know whether your money will last"? Would you like to see exactly year-by-year how your money holds up when you are taking funds out each year rather than adding to them with salary?

Wealth & Tax Planners designed a spreadsheet to specifically depict all of the inflows and outflows that affect your asset base during retirement. Social Security, pensions, income from Investments and annuities as played out against your outflows for fixed expenses, lifestyle, taxes, and of course the all-important inflation impact.

We put all this information together in one easy to read spreadsheet that will answer the burning question of "Do you have enough money to last through your retirement"?

We like to see the money last through the younger spouses age 90, as a way to be conservative and insure you have enough money to enjoy.

As clients work with us we periodically will update this report to show their progress towards a successful retirement. This is one of many but perhaps the key analysis performed by Wealth & Tax Planners for our clients.